The Story of My Green Grooming

When I was a little girl, my granny was a keen rambler. She would often take me on walks all over the country village where she lived in Hampshire, pointing out all the flowers and insects as we walked. She would marvel at the colours of the autumn leaves and the shape of the clouds of the sky, or comment on the loveliness of the trees. Little did I know it, but she was green grooming me.

These days, I adore nature. Looking back, I realise that much of what I loved about my passion for travel was inspired by a deep desire and thrill of seeing all the beautiful landscapes and creatures our incredible planet has to offer. I am blessed to have seen the most astonishing wonders.

The demise of our planet is something that brings me much heartache.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to environmental causes and have a deep interest in sustainability. It’s my belief that we truly can all shift the way things are with what we buy.

In fact, one of my favourite all time quotes by author Anna Lappe is

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in”

So I decided to begin this side of my business, in a bid to inform and encourage others to think about making better choices for our world, every time they spend money.

This is an unapologetically frank and unfiltered blog. How joyful to be able to write as I please, with no thought left unsaid.

My (many) opinions are based on my view of the world and my learnings as a professional blogger for many green companies. From renewable energy, natural hair and skin care products, environmental landscaping.

I hope to amuse, to educate and to inspire. I am authentic and my emotions are raw and often angrier than I would like but I mean no offence. I am more sensitive than I would like to admit and as much as I am fierce, I am painfully soft, more often brought to tears by the smallest of beautiful human actions.

My frustrations are so often born of an overwhelming sense that we could just do so much fucking better that we choose to be.

 I use this blog as platform of expression and ranting at a world which is changing so fast and is so unaccommodating to our children in their future, My hope is that if I can even influence just one person to switch to a greener way, I’ll have done something better than I did before.

I only recommend stuff that I have either directly used myself or I have researched and know is the real green deal.

I hope you’ll enjoy my ramblings and recommendations, they come from the heart and with the firm belief that we can and will change the future for our children, if we so choose.

P.s. I love my granny

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