Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Hello, I’m anybody

I could be the neighbour you don’t talk to, the woman in the supermarket with her annoying kid, or the person you smile at on your daily dog walk. The fact is I’m anybody. But I am anybody with a conscience. At least, a selective conscience.

For the second week in a row I walked past the fly tipping on my dog walk. ‘FFS!’ I thought irritably, ‘When is someone going to sort that out?’

Then I realised. I am someone.

So I got my litter picker (yes I have my own litter picker) and I went and cleared it up. Nobody thanked me. Nobody gave a shit actually. But I did it any way.. and it felt good.

We are all ‘someone’. As we journey together through this magnificent mission to take less and give more, we can know we’re allowed not to be perfect.

Sometimes we just keep walking past the rubbish. After a while we stop seeing it. If we don’t pick up the rubbish, are we bad? Because I could pick it up. But then… so could you.

I guess that’s the premise of being an eco hypocrite.