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Chocolate without palm oil OR OTHER eco baddies

If my relationship with chocolate was a human one, it would definitely be categorised as abusive. From milk chocolate to dark, from fruit to nut, I have tried (and gorged on) it all. But although chocolate really can fix all my problems in a *single bar (*extra large obvs), there is no doubt that at […]

5 Environmentally Friendly Face Creams for the Smug Minded Eco Warrior

During my reckless 20s – and they were reckless, I remember full well thinking about how I would never need sun cream or even a daily moisturiser because my skin would just tan so instantly and so satisfactorily. Which is weird really considering I have Irish heritage and should basically be a human milk bottle. […]

A Beginning

I’m sure that none of the information I’m going to give you right now will amuse, inspire or even remotely interest you. However, we must all start with a beginning and this is mine. I’m a 40 something year old who at this moment in time is convinced I have something crawling on my lower […]

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