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The Story of My Green Grooming

When I was a little girl, my granny was a keen rambler. She would often take me on walks all over the country village where she lived in Hampshire, pointing out all the flowers and insects as we walked. She would marvel at the colours of the autumn leaves and the shape of the clouds […]

11 Best Eco Friendly Locations For a Luxury UK Staycation

If you’re itching for some escape time after so many travel restrictions you’re not alone. As Covid drags on, many of us are still reluctant to book that 2022 flight, knowing it might come to nothing. Luckily, the UK has much to offer by way of the staycation! Like any other holiday, they come in […]

7 best vegan shampoo bars that smell like heaven

I’m sure we’ve all been there. Our bathrooms tend to look like some kind of plastic bottle collection. There’s shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shower gel, body scrub, shaving gel, face wash and whatever other potion we’ve been duped into thinking we need. We guiltily throw the plastic bottles in the recycling bin hoping for the […]

Chocolate without palm oil OR OTHER eco baddies

If my relationship with chocolate was a human one, it would definitely be categorised as abusive. From milk chocolate to dark, from fruit to nut, I have tried (and gorged on) it all. But although chocolate really can fix all my problems in a *single bar (*extra large obvs), there is no doubt that at […]

5 Environmentally Friendly Face Creams for the Smug Minded Eco Warrior

During my reckless 20s – and they were reckless, I remember full well thinking about how I would never need sun cream or even a daily moisturiser because my skin would just tan so instantly and so satisfactorily. Which is weird really considering I have Irish heritage and should basically be a human milk bottle. […]

A Beginning

I’m sure that none of the information I’m going to give you right now will amuse, inspire or even remotely interest you. However, we must all start with a beginning and this is mine. I’m a 40 something year old who at this moment in time is convinced I have something crawling on my lower […]

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